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How to choose an automatic drilling tapping machine


Automatic drilling Tapping machine is an important equipment in the process of producing workpieces, and the price of this equipment is very high. Choosing an automatic punching machine will not only have a great impact on production stability, but also have a great impact on processing efficiency and maintenance. great effect. We can choose a suitable CNC drilling machine from several aspects.
1. The stability and rigidity of the drilling machine console
In order to ensure the stability and rigidity of the drilling machine, most manufacturers often choose marble as the processing material, and some Japanese manufacturers also use steel as the raw material. Because steel is less stable than marble, it is easy to be distorted and deformed during processing, so Marble material pays less for moral damage than just now. At present, many manufacturers use marble as the material of the drilling machine. It is recommended to use marble as the material for the production of the drilling machine. The marble material can be cleaned with water or detergent, but alcohol cannot be used. After wiping, wipe it with a dry cloth instead of a wet cloth.
2. The speed and stability of the shaft
There are generally two types of shafts used today, one is a rolling rotary pump; the other is an air bearing. Generally speaking, rolling bearings are better to use because of their stronger longitudinal bearing capacity. Of course, some drill bits also need to be inspected. Some drill bits take a long time to replace and are not conducive to maintenance. Many drill bits will lose a lot of money if they become consumables, and some need to be maintained every day.
3. Calibration of the three-dimensional coordinate system (X, Y, Z axis)
The feeding efficiency of the screw stepper motor is high, but new products have also used servo motors. Drilling machines with high feeding efficiency can reach a rate of 20%--40%. The rotation speed of the Z axis and the material of the processed material Generally, it will not affect the efficiency of production, and has a small impact on work efficiency.
4. The moving speed of the table and the stability of the table
The movement efficiency of the workbench used to be determined by the material of the guide rail. Generally, air flotation is used as the processing material of the workbench. The air flotation workbench is more convenient and flexible to move. The workbench is generally fixed with a circuit chuck. The design of the chuck has an important impact on the replacement of equipment in the future. Generally, it is not easy to wear, because it is one of the most severely worn places in the equipment when it is worn. Once worn to the extent that it cannot work, it will be much more convenient to replace and adjust, and the positioning of the automatic punching machine will be more accurate.
At present, many manufacturers of drilling machines generally use automatic device chucks. However, this requires high processing of workpieces, and automatic device chucks also have high requirements for engineers.