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Features, advantages and common troubleshooting methods of automatic drilling machines


  1. Features of automatic drilling machine
1. The structure of the spindle system adopts the same principle as that of the power head. Compared with the traditional pneumatic bench drill, the transmission torque is larger and the transmission is more accurate.
2. The electronic control system of the equipment adopts advanced integrated circuit control circuit, which is very stable and reliable, with good user experience and durability.
3. The elegant system is also very stable in operation, with low temperature rise and low noise.
4. Independent cooling system, automatically provide coolant.
5. The overload protection device can protect the burned motor link and the overloaded circuit.
6. To meet the different needs of customers to configure various types of drills and air hydraulic clamps.
7. It is also determined whether to install the peck drilling function according to the needs of customers, which is convenient for deep hole processing.

2. Advantages of automatic drilling machine
1. The automatic drilling machine is smaller than ordinary machines, both in volume and weight. It does not take up too much space, and it is more convenient to carry and easy to understand.
2. The motor power is very high, even if the weather or environment is not good, it can maintain the best working condition.
3. The bearings are customized and complement each other with the motor of the automatic drilling machine, which can play more than one plus two effects.
4. When the length of the drill pipe is not enough, we can stretch it so that no matter how deep the drilling needs to be drilled, it can be shot.
5. The drilling speed is very fast and the efficiency is particularly high. Drilling is not as rough as manual drilling. They also need to be ground, free of dust, will not affect the construction environment, they appear unstable and reduce noise.

3. Common troubleshooting methods of automatic drilling machine
No matter how good the automatic drilling machine is, there will be problems during use. How to solve the related machine failures and maintenance work? In fact, many mechanical failures are caused by man-made and maintenance problems. Machine failure is the last thing business owners and operators want to see, but when a problem arises, they will only find the manufacturer who sells the machine. Today, the editor will analyze the maintenance and maintenance of mechanical failure with suitable methods and methods. Maintenance, which is also to increase the service life of the automatic drilling machine.
The CNC numerical control system is the brain of the automatic drilling machine. When there are operational problems and tightness problems when the workpiece is drilled, the first thing to consider is whether the parameters of the CNC programming and the self-set parameters are correct. If there is an error, the workpiece will appear. The hole diameter is wrong. The operation of the CNC system will also be trained by professional on-site installation personnel. When explaining mechanical failures, it will talk about the simple operation of the CNC system.
The spindle is the power of the automatic drilling machine. Our company uses a servo motor spindle drive. Compared with the stepping motor spindle used by other manufacturers, the function and efficiency will be several times higher. However, the cost of the servo motor will It is much higher, which is why the lowest price of our automatic drilling machine is more than 80,000 yuan, and the speed of the spindle can reach up to 24,000 rpm. It is the right choice for workpieces with small and multiple diameters. , The spindle needs to be overhauled after a long time of use. Special attention is paid to the protection of oil and water, which is also the daily precautions for operators.
The fastening of the power distribution cabinet and the workpiece is the power source and accuracy standard of the automatic drilling machine. The power distribution cabinet is generally placed in the protective box under the automatic drilling machine. After the factory power distribution is completed and used normally, it is protected by a casing Well, it has a minimum of abnormal failures, and if there is a problem, just ask an electrician to fix it. Then there is the problem of workpiece fastening. This is a problem that has been emphasized in the installation and deployment. The problem of workpiece fastening needs to be completed carefully. If the accuracy of other requirements is not met, it needs to be operated again.
Among the three major sources of faults in mechanical assembly, these three types of faults can be directly shielded during the assembly process and after-sales service. This is also something that workers on the assembly line need to pay attention to.