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Introduction of non-standard customized gantry CNC drilling equipment from dingke machinery


This is a machine tool specially designed for large-format flat-panel drilling and tapping. The umbrella-shaped tool magazine moves with the main shaft, and the servo directly changes the tool to realize the fast tool-changing processing of multi-size apertures. The moving parts are optimized. The Y-axis adopts dual drives. Transmission, heavy-duty ball linear slide rails, with double sets of transmission mechanisms to ensure the smooth operation of the moving beam. The natural deformation value caused by the long-term movement of the machine tool is limited to the greatest extent. A number of T-shaped slots are reasonably arranged on the worktable, which is convenient for customers to quickly lock the tooling when changing different products. In addition, because the workbench is large enough, the customer It can clamp multiple products at the same time, or do left and right double-station cycle non-stop processing. In terms of spindle selection, if there are many hole diameter specifications on the same board, we can choose BT30 according to the hole diameter range and processing materials. The high-speed spindle, or the high-torque mechanical spindle realizes automatic tool change processing. When the same board has fewer specifications, we also have a multi-spindle layout. You can choose the size of the worktable according to the product you want to process. Depending on the shape, the smaller the processing form is than the worktable, the more reasonable and convenient the clamping and positioning will be.

The CNC system is a standard machining center system, which simplifies the program editing part. In addition to the post-processing of 3D software programming in the traditional sense, we can also choose CAD drawing files to import and automatically generate programs, or in-line drilling, chessboard Drilling and other programming methods, and then the program of the drawing can be saved according to the serial number of the drawing, and can be called immediately when processing is required. If you need to know more CNC drilling and tapping machine tools, please contact us!