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What are the characteristics of the automatic drilling machine?


Automatic drilling machines are not a rare thing in this era of rapid automation development. In this article, the editor will give a detailed description of the characteristics, advantages and common troubleshooting methods of automatic drilling machines, so as to facilitate better operation for everyone. Bring greater benefits to the enterprise.
1. The structure of the main shaft system follows the same principle as the watershed. Compared with the traditional pneumatic table drill, the transmission torque is larger and the transmission is more accurate.
2. The electronic control system of the device adopts advanced integrated circuit control circuit, which is very stable and reliable, with good user experience and durability.
3. Elegance system runs very stable, low temperature rise, low noise.
4. Independent cooling system, automatic coolant supply.
5. The overload protection device can protect the motor link from burning and the overload circuit.
6. Configure different types of drills and pneumatic equipment to meet different customer needs.
7. The installation of hole drilling function to support deep hole drilling or not is also decided according to customer's requirements.
7. It is also decided according to the customer's needs whether to install the peck drilling function to facilitate deep hole processing.