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Will the intelligent automation fully automatic drilling and tapping machine completely replace manual work?


Statistics show that by 2025, the talent gap in the top ten key areas of China's manufacturing industry will be close to 30 million. As the development focus of Made in China 2025, intelligent manufacturing is a problem that traditional manufacturing must face. In fact, with the implementation of the demographic dividend, under the pressure of soaring manufacturing costs, a large number of domestic factories are facing the problem of transformation and upgrading. As an irreplaceable important equipment and means in advanced manufacturing, industrial robots have become an important symbol to measure a country's manufacturing level and technological level, which includes a series of hot words such as Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet. In short, the improvement of economy and technology, the reduction of labor force, and the improvement of work efficiency requirements are of great significance to stimulate the phenomenon of machine replacement. The real solution to large-scale industrial upgrading is not to let a large number of workers lose their jobs, but to turn workers into robots. But it is inevitable, but don't panic.

Robotic intelligent automatic drilling and tapping machines can complete certain specific tasks, but there are still many mechanized tasks that humans still need to continue to do. In the future, artificial intelligence and humans may work together. What do you think?