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Why is it said that new energy vehicles will affect the development direction of China's fully automatic drilling and tapping machine industry


I heard that new energy vehicles will greatly affect the development of China's fully automatic drilling and tapping machine industry. Many machine tool companies may usher in a big change, and even many drilling machine companies may be eliminated. So does the emergence of new energy vehicles really have such a big impact on our tapping machine industry? Is it an opportunity or a challenge?
We must first figure out the relationship between the traditional automobile industry and the machine tool industry. Automobile is an important downstream industry of machine tools and one of the main consumer markets of machine tools, especially metal cutting machine tools. In recent years, the smooth development of my country's automobile industry has also driven the development of metal cutting machine tools to a certain extent. In addition to the body of a traditional car, a large number of parts of its powertrain need to be processed by machine tools. The demand generated by this part of the process is an important market for machine tools. However, due to the change of fuel used in new energy vehicles, the powertrain has changed. This change will directly shake the machine tool market. The powertrain of new energy vehicles has changed. The traditional internal combustion engine is no longer needed, and the engine block, cylinder head, crankshaft, tugshaft and connecting rod are no longer required accordingly. and other parts. With the application of new technologies, new materials, and new structures, some machine tools do need to make a lot of adjustments and changes. Judging from the current situation, pure electric vehicles will be a major event in the future development. It is certain that new energy vehicles are the disruptors of the machine tool industry. This statement is not groundless. In the face of new industry trends and forms, some machine tool companies can only find new opportunities in the change by actively making adjustments.