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What are the applications of automatic drilling and tapping machines on oil drilling pipes and oil screens?


Recently, a customer has customized an automatic drilling and tapping machine with an effective processing stroke of 6 meters in our company, which is specially used to process oil drilling pipes and oil screen pipes. Many people are relatively unfamiliar with these two pipes. The following editor Let me do a simple science for you.
oil drilling pipe
1. The drilling pipe is processed by ]55 or N80 oil casing body, which has high strength and is not easy to deform.
2. The drilling is even and smooth without burrs.
3. Anti-corrosion treatment is carried out on the whole to form a dense protective layer on each surface of the screen pipe, which improves the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the screen pipe, and can effectively prolong the life of its downhole work
4. Simple operation, convenient use, large internal diameter, easy to configure pipe strings.
5. The type of drilling can be selected by the customer at will.
Oil screen
1. The main function of oil screen is to prevent sand. The geological environment and lithology of oil wells are different, resulting in different steel grades and types of screens used.
2. Special steel pipes for cementing oil and gas wells with screen tubes are used to seal oil, gas and water layers, protect the well wall, and prevent blowout or well wall collapse. According to the application, the screens are divided into surface screens, technical screens and reservoir screens.
3. When drilling, after drilling the upper surface soil layer, because these layers are soft and easy to collapse, in order to prevent blowout and ensure smooth drilling, it is necessary to lower a layer of surface screen
4. The depth of the surface screen depends on the situation. Some of them reach several hundreds of meters, and some of them reach more than 1,000 meters, but most of the wells do not exceed 200 meters. The bottom is relatively solid and the pressure of the oil, gas and water layers is sure. When the drilling cycle is short, it is not necessary to lower the surface screen, and the surface screen is lowered.

Since the oil drilling pipes and oil screen pipes processed by customers are relatively long, mostly within 3-6 meters, the effective processing stroke of the machine tool is designed to be 6 meters, and the hole diameter is only a single specification. hole diameter, so it is enough to configure two spindles, one for drilling and one for tapping.