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How to assemble the automatic cnc drilling and tapping machine correctly?


1. Make CAD drawings of automatic drilling machines, and use their own knowledge of automation equipment and core technologies to carry out engineering drawings. When conceiving the CAD drawing of the machine tool, it is necessary to consider the effective stroke of the processing part. The engineer will consider whether the size of the X, Y, and Z axes of the processing part can be processed, and there will be no abnormal phenomena such as tool collision. Generally, the workpiece is carried out when designing and drawing 3D simulation processing to ensure that there will be no wrong parameters and too small strokes after the major accessories are installed.

2. Make the frame and sheet metal parts of the automatic drilling machine. The base of Domi machinery is welded by high-rigidity cast iron, pay attention to the treatment and grinding of edges and corners during the welding process. The design of sheet metal accessories is processed and drilled according to the drawn 3D drawings. The aluminum parts for the clamping spindle are processed by drilling and milling machines, drilled, polished and decontaminated. This is also drawn with CAD drawings.

3. Purchase other electromechanical accessories. Some necessary accessories such as servo motor, assembly line, reflow cutting fluid device, CNC numerical control system, power distribution cabinet, slide rail screw rod, etc. At the same time, the base of the machine tool needs to be painted and polished, which also makes the appearance of the automatic drilling machine beautiful, and makes the customer feel that it is a new machine rather than a second-hand machine during the sales process.

The automatic drilling and tapping machine is a kind of machine tool integrating electromechanical instrument with high technical content. After the user buys an automatic drilling and tapping machine, whether to start it up correctly and safely, debugging is a very critical step. The correctness of this step largely determines whether the automatic drilling machine can exert its normal economic efficiency and its own service life.