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Eight Tips to Solve the Problem of Cutting Edge Collapse in Automatic Drilling Machines


Everyone should have encountered the situation of tool breakage and cutting during the processing of automatic drilling machines. How can we solve this problem?
Firstly, we need to analyze the reasons for tool breakage based on the actual situation. Abnormal breakage of the tool can lead to the scrapping or rework of the workpiece during machining, and improve machining efficiency. Therefore, selecting the right blade is very important. If the front and rear angles of your tool are too large, you can redesign the tool from these aspects, such as reducing the front and rear angles appropriately or using a larger negative blade inclination angle, It is also possible to use the method of reducing the main deviation angle. A more sophisticated master can use larger auxiliary blades, or edge arcs, as well as polished transition cutting edges to enhance the blade tip. If you accidentally choose a blade that is too thin or use a hard and brittle blade during processing, you can choose to increase the thickness of the blade, or install the blade vertically, and choose a brand with higher bending strength and toughness, If the welding process of the blade is incorrect, it is necessary to avoid using a three sided closed blade groove structure. The correct welding material should be selected, and oxygen acetylene flame heating welding should be avoided. After welding, internal stress should be maintained. In such cases, mechanical clamping structures should be used as much as possible. When operating with various cutting amounts, if the selection is unreasonable, the cutting amount should be re selected, If the tool grinding method is incorrect, it is necessary to use pointed grinding or diamond grinding wheel.
If the ground of the groove of the mechanically clamped cutting tool is uneven, or if the blade extends too long due to structural reasons, it is necessary to repair the bottom surface of the groove, arrange the position of the cutting fluid nozzle reasonably, and place a hard alloy gasket under the blade. The methods for solving the problem of tool breakage and other problems with the blade are discussed