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Tapping Head(Normal)

Tapping Head(Normal)

74 Tapping power head
● The machining precision is high, reaching level 6(H)
● The noise is small, the use of precision gears and screw transmission
● The use of circular body, easy to install
● The use of 1.8kw servo motor,can adjust the speed


Model N74 D74 N92 D92
Drilling and tapping ability 13 mm (steel) M8 (steel) 16mm (steel) M12 (steel)
Spindle outside diameter/taper 50/JT6 50/JT6 50/JT6 50/JT6
Maximum spindle stroke 80mm 80mm 100mm 100mm
Spindle speed 0-3000rmp 0-3000mp 0-3000rmp 0-3000rmp
Distance between spindle end and mesa 520mm 520mm 520mm 520mm
Column diameter 74mm 74mm 92mm 92mm
Column length 800mm 800mm 800-1000mm 800-1000mm
The workbench 250*250mm 250*250mm 300*300mm 300*300mm
Power 1.1kw 1.1 kw 1.5kw 1.5kw 
Volume 70*70*120cm 70*70*120cm 85*85*120cm 85*85*120cm
Weight 100kg/75kg 100kg/75kg 110kg/85kg 110kg/85kg