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How to operate China cnc automatic tapping and drilling machine correctly?


China cnc automatic drilling and tapping machine is a common mechanical equipment used to process various threaded holes. Below is the operating manual for the tapping machine to assist the operator in the proper use of the equipment.

1. Safe operation
1. Before operating the tapping machine, be sure to read and understand this operating manual. Operators need to have certain experience in operating mechanical equipment and be able to operate the equipment independently.
2. Before starting operation, confirm that the power of the tapping machine is turned off and all safety devices are set to the correct position.
3. During operation, you must wear appropriate protective equipment, such as hard hats, goggles, and protective gloves.
4. Before using the tapping machine, you need to check whether the machine is in good working condition. Make sure all parts are securely connected and not damaged or loose.

2. Operation steps
1. Turn on the power of the tapping machine and ensure that the power switch is in working condition.
2. Select the appropriate thread tool and size according to your needs. Fix the threading tool on the chuck of the tapping machine and tighten it.
3. Adjust the speed and feed of the tapping machine to adapt to processing needs. The corresponding parameters can be adjusted according to the hardness of the material and the size of the threaded hole.
4. Use the manipulator to place the workpiece to be processed and secure it, ensuring that the workpiece is aligned with the tapping tool.
5. Start operating the tapping machine, start the spindle rotation, and feed the tool into the center of the workpiece to be processed.
6. Monitor the feed speed and rotation speed during processing to ensure that the operation is within the appropriate range. If abnormalities or problems are found, stop the machine immediately and check.
7. Regularly check the wear of the cutting tools and replace the cutting tools that need to be replaced in a timely manner.
8. After processing is completed, turn off the power of the tapping machine. Clean up the job site and restore the machine to a safe condition.

3. Maintenance
1. Clean and lubricate the tapping machine regularly. Remove accumulated dust and cutting oil to ensure that the machine remains in good working condition.
2. Regularly check the wear of mechanical parts and, if necessary, promptly replace or repair damaged parts.
3. Conduct regular inspections and maintenance on the electrical system of the tapping machine to ensure the safety and reliability of the electrical part.
4. Replace and grind tools in a timely manner to maintain processing quality and efficiency.
5. When the tapping machine is not in use, the machine should be in a safe state, disconnect the power supply, and add a protective cover to protect the machine.

4. Precautions
1. Comply with the operation manual and relevant safety regulations to ensure safe and reliable operation.
2. Do not overload the tapping machine to avoid damaging the equipment and endangering personal safety.
3. Pay attention to the position of the tool during operation to avoid injuries caused by accidental contact.
4. Stay focused during the operation and do not be distracted to avoid danger.
5. When encountering an abnormal situation, stop the operation immediately and carry out inspection and repair.

The above is the operating manual of the tapping machine. When using the equipment, the operator should read it carefully and operate in accordance with the requirements of the manual to ensure safe and normal use.