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How to maintain the servo automatic tapping machine?


The servo automatic tapping machine is often used and still needs maintenance. Regularly clean the linoleum and cooling pump, check the coolant pipeline, clean the dust inside and outside the motor and electrical box, check the oil quality, and the oil quantity meets the requirements. After a period of use in daily operation, the set torque needs to be adjusted. Next, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to how to maintain the tapping machine daily, and what precautions should be taken?
1. The appearance and dead corners of the tapping machine tool should be removed and washed. The inside and outside are required to be clean, free of rust and yellow robes, and the paint should see the original color and the iron should see the light. Clean the surface of the guide rail and remove the burrs on the work surface. Check the filling screw, handball, and hand plate, and check the flexibility of each handle.
2. Maintenance of the feed box of the tapping machine spindle: check the oil quality, keep it in good condition, and the oil quantity meets the requirements. Clear the spindle taper hole burrs. Clean the hydraulic transmission system and oil filter, and adjust the oil pressure.
3. Inspection of the rocker arm of the tapping machine and the lifting and clamping mechanism: check and adjust the lifting mechanism and the clamping mechanism to achieve sensitivity and stability.
4. Check the lubricating system of the tapping machine: to clean the linoleum, it is required that the oil cup is complete, the oil passage is smooth, and the oil window is bright.
5. Check the cooling system of the tapping machine: clean the cooling pump, filter and coolant tank. Check the coolant pipeline for no water leakage.
6. Check the electrical system of the tapping machine: clean the dust inside and outside the motor and electrical box. Turn off the power, open the electrical door cover, and check whether the electrical connectors and electrical components are loose or aging. Check that the limit switch is working properly. Does opening the door and turning off the power work? Check whether the hydraulic system is normal and whether there is any oil leakage. Whether the control switches of all electrical appliances are normal.