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Drilling head(Pneumatic)

Drilling head(Pneumatic)

74 Drilling power head
● High precision, spindle jitter 0.01mm
● High speed, the maximum speed of 7500r/min
● Small size, light weight, suitable for installation
● The use of 0.37kw or 0.75kw motor, suitable for small hole processing


Model N74 D74 N92 D92
Drilling and tapping ability 13 mm (steel) M8 (steel) 16mm (steel) M12 (steel)
Spindle outside diameter/taper 50/JT6 50/JT6 50/JT6 50/JT6
Maximum spindle stroke 80mm 80mm 100mm 100mm
Spindle speed 0-3000rmp 0-3000mp 0-3000rmp 0-3000rmp
Distance between spindle end and mesa 520mm 520mm 520mm 520mm
Column diameter 74mm 74mm 92mm 92mm
Column length 800mm 800mm 800-1000mm 800-1000mm
The workbench 250*250mm 250*250mm 300*300mm 300*300mm
Power 1.1kw 1.1 kw 1.5kw 1.5kw 
Volume 70*70*120cm 70*70*120cm 85*85*120cm 85*85*120cm
Weight 100kg/75kg 100kg/75kg 110kg/85kg 110kg/85kg