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Gear Type Tapping Machine

Gear Type Tapping Machine

● Imperial, metric and US wire taps are available
● Various coatings are available


Model 4508(DK-I) 6516(DK-II) 6532(DK-III)
Tapping capacity M2-M8 M5-M16 M10-M32
The spindle taper B16 MT2 MT3
Maximum spindle stroke 45mm 65mm 65mm
Head pitch 260mm 300mm 450mm
Distance between spindle end and mesa 350mm 470mm 600mm
Table size 225* 230mm 340*340mm 340*380mm
The motor 3H 4P 0.75kw(1HP) 3H 4P 1.5kw(2HP) 3H 6P 2.2kw(3HP)
voltage 380V 380V 380V
Frequency 50HZ 50HZ 50HZ
Multi-axis maximum capacity M3*10axis  M4*5axis M6*8axis  M8*4axis  M12*2axis M10*10axis  M16*4axis  M20*2axis
Weight 150Kg/100Kg 200kg/150kg 300kg/250kg
volume 460*630*1060mm 480*930*1150mm 920*850*1200mm

1.Special design of positive and reverse motor,low inertia to prevent breakage of tapping.

2.The motor is equipped with an independent cooling fan to compel heat dissipation, which can be operated continuously and is durable.
3.The spindle can be operated in high speed and continuous cycle.Employees only need to put the processed products, which is easy, convenient, safe and efficient.
4.It is especially suitable for the processing of fine and blind holes in precise hardware such as watches, glasses, mobile phones and cameras.
5.It can be equipped with multi-axis tapping device to complete one-off multi-hole tapping and automatic tapping at the same time, which improves the production efficiency.
6.Solid column, tempered to eliminate stress, hard chromium plating, friction resistance, no rust.

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