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6 things to pay attention to when using China CNC drilling tapping machines


China CNC tapping drilling machine is a high-precision machine tool for drilling processing, which can be widely used in metal processing, pipe processing and the processing of various workpiece hole diameters. When using CNC drilling machines, you need to pay attention to the following: 
1. Safe operation: When operating the CNC drilling machine, you must wear safety equipment, such as gloves, goggles and work clothes. The operator should be familiar with the operating procedures of the machine tool and the functions of each part to ensure safe operation.

2. Clamping the workpiece: Before using the CNC drilling machine, the workpiece must be clamped correctly to ensure that it is in a stable state. After confirming the workpiece clamping, a test run should be performed to ensure that the clamping is correct.
CNC drilling machine

3. Set processing parameters: Before CNC drilling machine processing, you need to set the processing parameters, such as drill bit speed, feed speed and cutting depth. The setting of these parameters needs to be determined according to the workpiece material and requirements to ensure the quality and efficiency of the processing. 4. Ensure tool quality: The tool of the CNC drilling machine is the key to ensure the quality of machining, so it must be ensured that the tool is in good condition. Check whether the tool is damaged or seriously worn before use, and replace it in time if there is a problem.

5. Pay attention to cooling lubrication: In the process of CNC drilling machine processing, because high-speed cutting will generate a lot of heat, it is necessary to pay attention to cooling lubrication. Add cutting fluid or coolant in time to reduce cutting heat and protect tools and workpieces.

6. Regular maintenance: CNC drilling machines need regular maintenance to maintain their normal operation. Clean the machine frequently, remove chips and debris, check the lubrication system and lubricate. Regularly check the CNC system and electrical components to ensure that they are functioning properly. 7. Improve programming skills: The programming of CNC drilling machines is a complex process that requires operators to have certain programming skills. Improving programming skills can better grasp the machining process and adjust parameters, improve machining efficiency and accuracy.

In short, the use of CNC drilling machines requires attention to safe operation, clamping workpieces, setting processing parameters, ensuring tool quality, cooling and lubrication, regular maintenance and improving programming skills. Only by correctly grasping and complying with these precautions can we better play the role of CNC drilling machines and ensure processing quality and efficiency.