How to train the operator of automatic tapping machine

Automatic tapping machine talent training requirements are: deep practice, contact with reality, strengthen hands, pay attention to training. According to this requirement, the following specific requirements are put forward:
(1) a comprehensive understanding of tapping machine parts manufacturing process and basic engineering knowledge and common engineering terminology.
(2) to understand the structural characteristics, working principles, applicable scope and operation of the main equipment used in the automatic tapping process
Be familiar with various processing methods, process techniques, drawing documents and safety techniques, and use all kinds of tools, fixtures and measuring tools correctly.
(3) independently operate various types of automatic tapping machine equipment, complete the whole process of simple parts processing and manufacturing.
(4) to understand the development and application of new technology and new technology of automatic tapping machines, as well as the application of modern example manufacturing technology such as mechatronics in production practice.
(5) to understand the production organization, technical management, quality and guarantee system, overall quality and safety protection of automatic tapping mechanism manufacturing enterprises and the organizational measures of production safety protection.

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