Ten steps for safe operation of tapping machine

Ten steps of multi-hole tapping machine work
1. Before starting operation, check whether the main locking bolts are firm and whether the power switch and wiring are in good condition. Wear labor protection supplies as required, and non-tapper and unlicensed tappers are not allowed to work.
2. Before operation, lubricating oil, agent, grease, etc. must be injected into the specified refueling position. Wait until the machine is running normally, flexible and reliable.
3. Before tapping, the workpieces and tools required for tapping must be placed neatly and smoothly.
4. Debug the tap size and depth of the tapping machine to meet the required size before starting work. Prevent slippage and insufficient teeth
5. The sundries discharged during tapping (iron slag powder, etc.) should be left with vacancies or slots to facilitate the sundries to be discharged. Clean up at any time.
Sixth, often self-check the work quality of the workpiece. It is forbidden to resort to fraud and “one attack to the end”.

7. When tapping, select the speed of the machine tool according to the tapping thickness to ensure the tapping quality. Adjust the appropriate speed in a targeted manner.
8. During operation, if any abnormality occurs, stop immediately. Operation with illness is prohibited.
9. When troubleshooting or repairing, the power supply should be cut off, the standby bed should stop moving completely, and the maintenance card can be hung up for repairs. It is forbidden to repair the machine while it is in motion.
10. After the work is completed, the work site must be cleaned up and the work pieces must be sorted out. Materials are neatly stacked

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