Tapping machine classification and tapping points

Tapping machine is a kind of common mechanical processing equipment. It is used to machine inner thread on the inside of the hole of various parts with different specifications of through holes or blind holes, such as machine housing, equipment end face, nuts, flanges, etc. , screws or operating mechanism called a dental buckle. Let’s take a look at the classification of tapping machines and the points of tapping machines today.

Tapping machines can be called servo tapping machines, thread tapping machines, thread tapping machines, automatic tapping machines, etc., can be divided into drilling and tapping machines, reaming tapping machines. Automatic tapping machine has the highest degree of automation. When it is working, just put the blank into the hopper to automatically feed, automatic positioning, automatic clamping, automatic tapping, automatic unloading, a worker can operate multiple devices at the same time, High production efficiency can significantly save labor costs!

Tapping points

The hole in the bottom hole of the workpiece must be chamfered, and both ends of the through hole are chamfered.

The position of the workpiece clamp should be correct. Try to make the centerline of the threaded hole be placed in the horizontal or vertical position, so that the tapping can easily determine whether the tap axis is perpendicular to the plane of the workpiece.

At the beginning of tapping, try to put the tap to the right, then apply pressure on the tap and turn the twister. When cutting 1-2 turns, carefully check and correct the position of the tap. When cutting 3-4 threads, the tap position should be correct. Afterwards, it is only necessary to turn the twister and not apply pressure to the tap, otherwise the thread profile will be damaged.

When tapping the teeth, each 1/2 turn of the twisting hand should be reversed about 1/2 turn, so that the chips can be easily discharged after being broken and the cutting edge can be reduced due to sticky chips.

When tapping the screw hole, tap the tap frequently to remove the chips in the hole.

6, when attacking the screw hole of the plastic material, add the lubricating coolant. For steel materials, the use of machine oil or molybdenum disulfide is generally required for emulsions with high levels of organic solvents or high concentrations. For stainless steel, 30 oil or vulcanized oil can be used.

When tapping the back tap during the tapping process, it must be screwed into the thread and tapped by hand until it can no longer be screwed in, and then twisted with a twister. When the tapping is completed, it is also necessary to avoid quick rotation of the hand and it is best to unscrew it by hand to ensure that the tapped quality is not affected.

8, tapping, tap and screw holes to maintain the coaxiality.

9, when tapping, the calibration part of the tap can not be all out, otherwise it will produce turbulence in the anti-vehicle exit tap.

The cutting speed during machine attack is generally 6-15 m/min for steel; 5-10 m/min for tempered steel or hardened steel; 2-7 m/min for stainless steel; 8- 10 meters/minute. In the same material, the tap diameter is smaller and the tap diameter is larger.

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