Safe operation rules for tapping machine

1. Before operation, check whether the main locking bolts are firm and whether the power switch and circuit are in good condition. Wear labor protection articles according to the regulations. Non-tapping I and unlicensed tapping workers are not allowed to work.

2. Before operation, lubricating oil, agent and grease must be injected into the specified refueling site. The machine can only be operated in the later stage when the operation is normal, flexible and reliable

3. Before tapping, it is necessary to arrange the workpiece and tools needed for tapping neatly and smoothly.

4. debug the tapping machine tapping dimension and depth of the required size before starting the operation.
Prevent slippage and underteeth

5. For the sundries (iron slag powder, etc.) discharged during attack, there should be vacancy or slot to facilitate sundries discharging.
Clean up at any time.

6. Often self – check the work piece in the quality. Don’t cheat.  Attack to the end:

7. When tapping, according to the tapping thickness, choose the speed of the machine tool, to ensure the tapping quality. Adjust appropriate speed and speed in a targeted way.

8. During operation, if there is any abnormal phenomenon, stop immediately. It is forbidden to run in sickness.

9. Troubleshooting or repair should be cut off the power, until the machine completely stop moving, hang a good maintenance plate to repair. Repair of machines in motion is prohibited.

10. After the work is finished, it must be cleaned up. I make the table work site and sort out the work pieces. Materials should be stacked neatly, marked well, and channels should be left.


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