What are the preparations before using the hip drill

First of all, we must before use to wipe the surface of the radial drilling machine, said although the day before work have to wipe, but after a night of store or produce a lot of dust, dust at this time is needed to wipe, after only to wipe clean to avoid corrosion problems of radial drilling machine. Then I need to consider the case of lubricating oil, radial drilling machines for a long time after the use of may appear shortage of lubricating oil when the lack of parts of wear and tear problems will occur and only promptly to add lubricant can to better the work. Finally will need to pay attention to handle the flexibility of the situation, It is necessary to check each handle during use to ensure that it can only be started under normal conditions. If any loose or other problems are found, they must be solved promptly to avoid the occurrence of faults during use and improve the flexibility of operation.

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