Some precautions in the use of electric tapping machine

The reasonable use of the electric tapping machine can reduce the loss of the machine very well and strictly lengthen the service life of the electric tapping machine.
First, check the power supply single-phase 220VAC before use, the case is well grounded, the power supply is connected properly, and safe power is used. Determine an installation platform, the table is stable, and the stretching space is large to ensure that the tapping machine can stretch freely and safely. Next, it is necessary to ensure the precision of the bolts of each component and the flexible operation of the frame. Select a suitable tap for checking the size of the bottom hole of the thread.

The working speed of tapping depends on the size of the tap and the product material. In use, please set the working speed correctly according to the size of the tap and product material. When using the replacement tap, adjust the high and low gears and the speed according to the size of the tap to prevent the tap from being damaged due to the high speed and the work efficiency being reduced due to the low speed. The quality of the tapping oil directly affects the tapping effect and ensures smooth and smooth tapping.
Finally, during tapping, check the sharpness of the tap intermittently. If you encounter taps with missing teeth or sticky chips or poor chip removal, you should check and replace the taps according to the situation. At the same time, pay attention to the tapping sound during tapping. If there is an abnormal sound, shut down and check in time. The tap chuck of the electric tapping machine produced by our company has overload protection function. When the tapping exceeds the rated pressing torque, the adjustable safety clutch is released to avoid damaging the tap.



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