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What are the precautions for multi-axis tapping machines?

1. Check the multi-axis tapping machine before use: whether the chuck is good; whether the work surface is parallel; push up the main power switch.

2. Start-up steps of the multi-axis tapping machine: main motor operation: turn the motor operation button to the forward or reverse operation to make the motor rotate forward or reverse; operation method selection: select forward operation and reverse operation operation methods according to the operation requirements; forward operation :Move the motor operation button to the normal running position, which can make the motor run forward and drive the drill bit movement. It is used to shake the handle wheel to feed the drill bit downwards. The handle wheel will automatically spring back when the handle is released. Reverse operation operation: run the motor Push the button to the reverse operation position, you can make the motor rotate reversely and turn the handle wheel to operate.
3. Matters needing attention in the use of multi-axis tapping machine: the drill fixture cannot be knocked, it needs to be tightly fixed with a wrench or the drill; when drilling, it should be noted that the drill cannot be drilled to the platform or fixture; when drilling, the position of the workpiece should be drilled first Set a center point; when the drilling diameter is greater than 10MM, it should be drilled from 2 to 3 times from small to large; the speed of the drilling machine is adjusted according to the size of the drill bit. The pulley is adjusted according to the size of the drill bit. If it is too small, it needs to be fixed with a jig. Do not use your hands to stabilize the work; do not wear gloves when working.

Tapping machines
4. Steps for stopping multi-axis tapping machine: When noon breaks, work should be put in a safe stop state when working or stopping; operation stop: put the motor operation button in the OFF position to stop it; cut off the power supply: Pull down the main power switch.
5. Frequently drain the air compressor. The air compressor must be drained frequently. If the air compressor has too much water and it is not drained in time, it will be taken into the air motor. After a long time, the bearing becomes inflexible.
6. The oil cup (the cup on the right) of the double joint must be filled with oil. As long as the air motor of the pneumatic tapping machine is composed of bearings and gears, it needs lubrication. With more fuel, the work is flexible and the tapping machine is durable. Pay attention to the daily use of the tapping machine.

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