tapping machine

What is the operation process of the tapping machine?

Tapping machine belongs to a kind of hardware mechanical equipment, which is often used for some tapping processing work of products. If the machine is not operating properly, the perfect product that is about to be displayed is likely to cause damage and waste semi-finished products.
Tapping machines are divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic. Today, the editor combines these two tapping machines to introduce you to some operating procedures. You can check it in detail to avoid damage caused by improper operation and machine operation. The first point is some preparations before starting.
First of all, check whether the parts of the tapping machine are complete, whether the lubricant is sufficient, whether the screws on the machine are loose, whether the drill bit is damaged or whether the drill bit is sharp.

tapping machine
Secondly, some precautions during normal startup. When the machine is turned on, within 1-2 minutes of normal operation, see if the machine will have some noise or some abnormal phenomena, and then increase the speed slowly.
Finally, when using a long-term tapping machine to shut down, care must be taken to properly remove the drill bit. Some tools such as drill bits must be placed in a clean place. Place, and then when the machine stops working, be sure to clean the periphery of the fuselage. The final step is to turn off some power. This not only controls the occurrence of dangerous situations, but also reduces the maintenance rate of the tapping machine.

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