What are the maintenance methods for multi-axis tapping machines?

How to use the multi-axis tapping machine (multi-axis tapping machine)?

1. Install an independent cooling fan in the motor, and force heat to dissipate it, so that high temperature can be avoided, the power can be reduced, and it can run continuously and last.

2. Using a solid column, the pressure can be eliminated by tempering, thereby avoiding friction and rust.

Oil Drilling Machine borehole automated for small holes

Oil Drilling Machine borehole automated for small holes

3. In order to increase the torque and deceleration speed, a set of reduction gear devices are installed on the main shaft to create a perfect tooth profile and extend the life of the steel wire.

4. Continuous high-speed circulation, 40 times per minute.

5. The special double safety torque protection device can prevent the loss of the wire.

6. Simple operation (in the form of feet), beginners can operate smoothly. The operator is free to leave the machine and cooperate with the material.

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