How to debug the newly bought multi-head automatic drilling machine

Some customers do not know how to debug after the first purchase of a multi-head automatic drilling machine, so they often ask, of course, also told them the steps of debugging and matters needing attention, and share with you in this article, also hope to be helpful to you.
1. When the customer buys a new automatic drilling machine, he/she shall first confirm whether the appearance of the automatic drilling machine is perfect and whether the screws are loose.
2. Connect your three-phase five-wire system with the automatic drilling machine.

3. Turn on the power switch after connecting, and then turn on the motor switch to test whether the motor turns forward and backward. If the positive rotation can be opened oil pump, manual test spindle up and down the action.
4. After the customer completes the fixture, put the product on the fixture and align the hole. Start a manual test. When there is still 2-4mm from the product, the feed speed of oil pressure regulating valve should be adjusted to slow down 2-3mm/s.(note: the weaker the material rigidity of the production speed is faster, the more rigid the product speed is slower.)
5. After the adjustment, the footswitch is finally used to control up and down, to facilitate the operation of the automatic drilling machine.



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