Composition and operation precautions of high-efficiency electric tapping machine

The electric tapping machine consists of a mounting seat, a balance bar, a servo driver, a control panel (forward and reverse speed setting), an electric motor, a quick-change joint, and a safety torque chuck with overload protection. The main body of the balance rod is all made of high-strength aluminum alloy, and the rotating part is made of precision composite copper sleeve. Under the premise of ensuring the accuracy of tapping, the positioning is repeated accurately and lightly. The electric motors are single-phase 600W, 1000W, and all adopt 220V single-phase AC servo motors. The forward and reverse rotation of the spindle (the speed is independently set, generally slow forward and backward, improve work efficiency). Speed ​​adjustment, full digital display, double gear with memory, Wide adjustment range, safety chuck with torque adjustment, can adapt to workpieces of different materials, through holes, blind holes, continuous taps, high precision.

The tapping machine has fast speed and high precision. The tapped teeth can be detected by the tooth gauge. The tapping machine can be used for high-speed continuous cycle operation. The special motor can be durable and can be automated. One person can operate multiple devices at the same time, which can significantly save labor costs.
The high-precision tapping stroke of the tapping machine is easy to adjust. The automatic reversing device can freely adjust the tapping stroke. Shallow holes and low-worked parts with holes can also be easily adjusted. The dual safety device of the tapping machine can prevent the damage of the screw tap and the spindle rotates. It is equipped with dual safety clutches for up, down, forward and backward cutters, the spindle can automatically stop, and the cutter can be reversed and retracted without damaging the cutter.



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