The cleaning of precision tapping precision bearings

The automatic tapping machine has simple operation and low working intensity, and has many applications in the fields of machinery manufacturing, machine tools and automobiles. Many people are particularly puzzled about the operation and use of automatic tapping machine. Precision bearings are a vital part of the automatic tapping machine. Let’s take a look at how to remove and clean precision bearings in automatic tapping machines.

When using the automatic tapping machine, the steps for removing and cleaning the precision bearings are as follows:

  1. Keep your hands clean and dry

When the precision bearing is removed from the package, the operator’s hand should be kept clean and dry, as the sweat on the hand can cause rust and gloves can be worn if necessary.

  1. Guarantee good lubrication

The precision bearing that is taken out should be immediately loaded with grease and oiled. After the greased precision bearing is taken out, it will be installed without pollution, and it will not be greased and oiled. When filling the grease, the gap between the cage and the outer ring of the bearing must be greased. The precision bearing is greased to 30% of the cavity, and the high-speed precision bearing is greased to 20% of the cavity.

  1. Packing should be sealed

Precision bearings can only be removed from the original packaging before assembly. After removing several of the multiple precision bearing packages sealed by the volatile corrosion inhibitor, the package should be sealed immediately, as the shielding gas of the VIC paper can only be retained in the sealed package. Automatic tapping machine

  1. Correct cleaning

Grease-free precision bearings cannot be cleaned before assembly, and non-fat precision bearings must be cleaned before assembly. After cleaning, they should be dried and immediately rust-proof or greased to avoid rust. For the degreasing and cleaning of precision bearings, the following cleaning agents can be used: aqueous cleaning agent – neutral, acidic or alkaline cleaning agent, check the compatibility of alkaline cleaning agent with aluminum parts before cleaning;

Organic cleaners – acid and anhydrous kerosene, light gasoline (non-vehicle gasoline), Freon 12 substitutes or chlorine-containing hydrocarbon cleaners. Precautions must be taken when cleaning precision bearings: environmental protection, health and work safety; the cleaning agent must be operated in accordance with the product instructions to avoid danger.

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