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Classification of multi-axis tapping machine

Multi-axis tapping machines are roughly divided into adjustable and fixed types. The details are as follows:

1.  Adjustable multi-axis

The main body structure is composed of a gear box and a universal joint head. Since the universal joint is a movable shaft, it can move left and right within a limited range. It is not restricted by gears when adjusting the processing hole pitch, suitable for processing various uncertain hole parts, and has a wide range of use.

The disadvantage is that there is a lack of precision control, and the running rate is slightly higher in long-term use. It is suitable for enterprises with small single-piece processing volume and long-term replacement of processed parts.

tapping machine

2.  The fixed multi-axis device

The multi-axis device is customized according to the single-piece processed parts, that is, the moving axis is fixed according to the spacing and arrangement of the parts. So as to achieve a single product single axis, one by one multi-axis standard solution. This is the final mode of using the multi-spindle, and is the fastest drilling machine equipment to improve production efficiency.

The fixed multi-axis device with guide plate is accurate and durable. When replacing the parts, there is a lot of space for easy payment and will not be hindered by the jig. The processed products are more accurate and the multi-axis drilling machine is more durable.

The multi-axis device is divided according to the hardness of its processed parts, and can be divided into three types: medium cutting type, heavy cutting type and strong super heavy cutting type. Medium cutting is suitable for aluminum, magnesium, copper and other workpieces with HB≤150.

Heavy cutting is suitable for soft parts with more than 10 holes or workpieces with HB≤265 or less for steel and iron with less than 7 holes. Powerful overweight cutting test is used for 265≤HB≤330 steel, iron and other strong hardness workpieces.

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