How to choose a good tapping machine?

The quality of the tapping machine mainly depends on its original material quality, heat treatment, groove, accuracy, equipment, speed and processed material, hardness, operation control staff quality, and so on, have a relationship! Choose tapping machine, the original material of tapping machine, heat treatment, groove type to pay special attention to, for different processing holes, it is recommended to choose different types of tapping machine!
In the actual operation control, the grinding of the edge is very important, especially for the stainless steel series, can be used by the cutting, and guide lengthening, the cutting should be ground into the lower Angle to increase the strength of the tapping machine, while cooling and lubrication to keep up with, tapping machine is a long time to use! In short, specific case-specific treatment. Automatic tapping machine in different applications, automatic tapping machine deposition rate increase means faster welding speed, higher production efficiency. In many applications, fewer passes are used. Reduce flux consumption by 20% at a 50% deposition rate. Automatic tapping machine simple automatic tapping machine integrated cold wire technology concept USES the excess heat generated in the welding process to melt the non-welding electrode – integrated cold wire. Increased productivity, same energy input increased the deposition rate by 50%. Tapping machine brand on the market is very many many, because of the use of different materials, the same specifications of the price is also a lot different, let the buyer like fog, do not know which good, the following teach you a few simple methods:

When purchasing, because there is no testing equipment, tapping without groove can be simply tested (M6 as an example) :
1: see tapping machine groove front thread shovel grinding is uniform, cutting groove edge is fast, good positive 7 type, bad is inverted 7 words or U shape, easy to break and affect the accuracy of the thread;
2: check and test the heat treatment: drawing tapping machine in the air parabola (about 5 meters) flat fall whether fracture, fracture shows brittleness;
3: tapping machine (tool: tap or tap), to see its fracture is oblique long, the fracture of the grain fine knot, heat treatment, and material quality is good, flat or oblique short, coarse grain measurement is not good.
Tapping machine work, as long as the parts of the blank into the hopper can be automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic clamping, automatic tapping, automatic unloading, a worker can operate multiple types of equipment at the same time, high production efficiency can significantly save labor costs!
High-quality tapping machine has the characteristics of novel design, reasonable structure, easy to use, high degree of automation, easy to use, high efficiency, maintenance-free, extremely high-cost performance.



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