The charm of automatic tapping machine

With the demand for various automation equipment in the market, many designers have been striving to design and produce various automation equipments and manufacture many products, which are well received by users. One of them is used for multi-axis tapping in the machining industry. The product, the automatic tapping machine, is particularly practical and efficient.

The automatic tapping machine has many features, including: the precision of the device is very high, the operation process is very simple, the manual processing is not required, and a large part of the labor is saved, thereby saving a part of the cost output for the enterprise.

In addition, it can produce a perfect thread product that can not be realized by a very small general tapping machine. The system has an automatic feeding system, which can supply the material by itself. If the equipment is abnormal, it will automatically alarm. After the fault is eliminated, You can start the device to run the job.

This automatic tapping machine can quickly process multi-axis tapping products, which can improve the quantity and quality of products for enterprises, and is very popular among major enterprises.

Founded in 1996, Ningbo GuankeDing CNC Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province. It is specialized in designing and manufacturing “CDK” brand precision automatic tapping machine, automatic drilling machine, pneumatic drilling machine, hydraulic drilling machine, servo/ CNC drilling machine, gear type automatic tapping machine, servo tapping machine, hand-held electric servo tapping machine, nut tapping machine, automatic tapping/drilling machine, automatic drilling and tapping machine, multi-axis drilling/ A well-known brand enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of series products such as tapping machines and fully automatic assembly machines and robots.


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