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Causes and treatment methods of waste in the use of tapping machine

1. When threading low carbon steel and other plastic materials. Without lubricating coolant, the die sticks part of the thread on the workpiece.
Treatment method: When tapping plastic materials, be sure to add suitable lubricating coolant.

2. The die does not rotate when the thread is threaded, and the chips are clogged and the thread is nibbled.
Treatment method: After the die is rotating 1~1.5 times, it must be reversed 0.25~0.5 times to break the chip.

3. The diameter of the processed round rod is too large.
Processing method: machine the round rod to the appropriate size.

4. The crooked teeth are too skewed, causing rotten teeth at the right timing.
Treatment method: the end face of the bushing to the die should be perpendicular to the axis of the round bar. And check frequently. If you find a slight skew, you must borrow it in time.

5. The chamfering of the end of the round rod is not well done, so that the end face of the die and the round rod are not placed perpendicularly.
Treatment method: The round rod end should be chamfered according to the requirements, and the bevel angle should be the same size.

tapping machine

6. When the die is threaded, the force of both hands is uneven, so that the end surface of the die is not perpendicular to the round rod, and the outer diameter of the round rod is too small.
Treatment method: The two hands must be evenly applied when threading. Always check whether the end face of the die is perpendicular to the round bar, and promptly correct whether the outer diameter of the round bar is within the range specified in the above table.

7. The hinged arm swings when threading, so it has to borrow several times, resulting in a smaller thread diameter.
Treatment method: When threading the die, the hinge should be held firmly to maintain stability.

8. After cutting the die into the round bar. He also pressed hard on the hinged hands.
Treatment method: After the cutting die is cut in, as long as the cutting die rotates evenly, it cannot be pressed down further.

9. Movable die, round plate after opening.
Treatment method: movable die, round plate after opening.

The proper operation and use of the tapping machine, as well as the prevention and timely handling of problems, can make the tapping machine better and longer.

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