The cause of the drill bit sticking

What is the cause of drill bit stuck there are three main reasons:
1. Poor chip discharge of the drilling machine. It may be that the dry drill or the water volume of cooling water is too small, which causes debris not to be discharged and thus gets stuck.
2. In the drilling process, the drilling object cracks and forms larger particles or small steel bars, which can not be expelled due to the large size and cause the stuck drill.
3. The drill bit is not well welded, and the drill bit is stuck due to the falling bit.
Drill bit stuck fault discharge and prevention:
1. The drilling machine should pay attention to the sound when drilling. When the sound is abnormal, the drill bit should be pulled out in time to check whether there is debris or core breakage and pull out in time.
2. When encountering drilling objects that are easy to breakcore or have large particle gravel or small steel bar, the inlet pressure should be reduced and drilling conditions of the drilling machine should be paid attention to at any time.
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