Brief analysis of the connection between automatic tapping machine and tapping oil

Many people have tapped teeth by hand, and they all know that only a bit of oil will be required to tap the teeth to have a high smoothness and a high occlusion of the threads. It has become common sense for everyone to refuel the automatic tapping machine, but they really understand that tapping requires Why do you want to refuel? I don’t think many operators are very clear about it. Originally, there are three primary intentions for refueling:

1. Cool down. When the tap is cutting, the temperature of the tap rises sharply. If it is not cooled, the tap is simply burned, resulting in a sharp drop in the strength of the tap, which affects the durability of the tap.
2. Smooth. When the tap is cutting, if no oil is added, the surface of the cut thread will simply appear rough and not smooth. Seriously affect the quality of the thread.
3. Chip removal. A lot of iron filings will be produced during the tapping process. The iron filings simply stick to the threaded hole and on the tap. At this time, the iron filings must be washed away with the tapping cutting oil. Therefore, the tapping cutting oil is in the tapping process. A must-have item that is not deficient.