How does the automatic tapping machine work?

Automatic tapping machine, also known as automatic tapping machine, provides an efficiency improvement for the machining industry. At present, the automatic tapping machine is not widely used in China, so most people in the industry regard it.

The understanding is not comprehensive enough. As a professional of automatic tapping machine, I am now working with you to understand the working principle of the automatic tapping machine.

The automatic tapping machine works:

The compressed air is connected to the motor air inlet through the air pressure regulator (also called the automatic double joint) (the air inlet is located at the upper end of the motor), the air pressure switch is pressed, and the high pressure air enters each of the reversing button assemblies to enter the motor and drive the motor.

The rotor blade generates an axial rotational force, and after the rotor moves, a powerful torque is output through each gear pair to drive the tap to perform the tapping operation.
The working pressure of the tapping machine must be adjusted according to the size of the tap and the material of the product. The tap chuck used in the automatic tapping machine has an overload protection device. When the wire tapping exceeds the torque, the adjustable safety clutch is separated, and the tap will It is impossible to continue to rotate, and the protection tap is not easily broken.

The automatic tapping machine is flexible and efficient. It avoids the limitations of lathes, drill presses or manual tapping and has outstanding features that cannot be replaced by other similar equipment. It is equipped with a high-precision imported tap torque chuck for higher precision. The use of the universal device makes the automatic tapping machine more flexible and convenient, and can be tapped at any angle, and is most suitable for workpieces with multi-angle tapping. At the same time, the mechanical parts provided by our company are of high precision and durability, which is very compatible with the taps and imported taps produced in China.

Guankeding has many years of experience in the production and sales of automatic tapping machines.

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