How to adjust the torque of the multi-hole tapping machine?

1. Normally, the torque of the torque collet is set at the factory, but it must be adjusted to set the torque when attacking stronger materials or after a period of use.
2. There are 2 small holes in the torque collet shell, allowing to adjust the torque of half a groove, which is very important for adjusting the torque control below M3.
3. Use a flat-head screwdriver to pick up the buckle, and use needle-nose pliers to put it into the 2 round holes on the torque adjustment ring. Turn it clockwise to increase the torque, and turn it counterclockwise to reduce the torque.

Tapping machines
4. After adjustment, insert the buckle into the small hole of the collet shell, and the torque will no longer change.
5. The torque collet is a thread that guarantees high precision, so the torque collet can not be randomly placed, thrown or dropped randomly, so as not to affect the tapping accuracy.
6. When the air motor does not rotate, the general situation is insufficient air force, please check whether the air pressure is adjusted to 6-8KG.
7. When the air motor rotates and the torque collet slips, it is possible that the material is too hard or the material has high viscosity. Please increase the torque of the torque collet.


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