10 most common problems with tapping machines

Customers in the first use of tapping machine will certainly have a variety of problems, we will be very patient to answer the questions of customers, today we collated 10 customers are the most commonly encountered problems to provide readers.
1. How to achieve automatic exit when tapping to specified depth?
Switch the tap pitch and tapping depth of a set tap to this tap, and it is in the automatic state. Move the tap head against the hole and press the tapping button on the operating handle to start the automatic tapping and exit automatically when it reaches the set depth.
2. Can the operation button be locked to prevent misoperation?
Switch the button on the screen to lock, and the control button will be disabled.

3. Why sometimes; Automatic mode; When the light is on, tapping can’t automatically exit?
Please check the currently selected gear position. Depth; Pitch; Return rate; The value of several parameters, as long as one parameter is zero, the automatic exit will not take effect.
4. How to modify the speed and tapping depth of a certain gear?
Please refer to the instruction of the tap parameter setting in tapping parameters in this manual.
5. What if there is an alarm during tapping?
Our products have a one-button quick alarm and clear function, most alarms can be cleared through the touch screen alarm or press the exit button to clear, if you can’t clear the fault by pressing the exit button, please power off again and try again, if you still can’t clear, maybe there is a fault in the equipment, please contact us.
6. Why does tapping depth sometimes deviate greatly?
The depth of the automatic tapping is calculated from the press of the tapping key, so make sure you reach the critical hole first. Press the button again and start tapping. An automatic tapping machine is automatic production equipment, it can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic. The equipment belongs to the field of thread forming machinery. The advantages of the equipment: reduce the work intensity of workers, improve tapping efficiency, to ensure the safety of workers. Otherwise, the tapping depth will be inaccurate. If the motor speed is abnormal due to excessive resistance in the process of automatic tapping, the depth deviation will be increased.

7. What if you want an emergency stop during tapping or screw-turning?
Press the back button to stop.
8. Why does tapping the normal thread sometimes cause insufficient force and alarm to stop the machine?
Please check the value of the maximum torque parameter in the parameters. If it is too small, please refer to the torque table to increase the value appropriately.
9. Common alarm and handling methods
The servo tapping machine controller has an automatic alarm function. When the alarm information appears, it is not necessarily the fault of the equipment. On the contrary, most of the alarms are the system (protection type alarm, such as the system self-protection alarm caused by high voltage and high ambient temperature, to prevent the damage of the equipment caused by the improper application.
10. Torque chuck: abnormal sound, what is the reason?
This is the tapping torque exceeds the torque set by the torque chuck, which is the normal phenomenon of the torque chuck protection tap. At this time, first, inspect the adjustable position tight set handle is fully released? Is the tap perpendicular to the workpiece? Does the workpiece shake? If there is no way to exclude, then consider the friction of the torque chuck, need to adjust the torque chuck.
Above is the customer problem that we encounter most often when everybody encounters a problem, can refer to in detail, or call us directly, we are the production enterprise that produces tapping machine drilling machine technically, welcome everybody to come to the factory to inquire. Thank you very much!



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